PRP Physio prides itself on offering high quality services, as such we believe in a standard appointment time of 45 minutes for private, WorkCover, and Third Party Insurance clients. This allows us extra time to:

  • Discuss your concerns and symptoms
  • Answer any and all questions
  • Discuss any scans or imaging you have had
  • Perform a thorough hands on and functional assessment
  • Assess and accurately prescribe a home exercise program
  • Perform any taping techniques

Within the North Lakes region, most clinics will offer a 30 minute consultation, personally we do not believe that this is an adequate period of time to achieve the results that both you seek and we want to achieve for you. We do not charge extra for incidentals such as dry needling or taping, or for theraband as we believe this is part of your treatment and is part of the pricing structure.


Our Pricing Structure

Private Physiotherapy Clients

  • 45 minute consultation – $100

GP Referral via Medicare

  • Bulk billed option – 25min consultation nil out of pocket expense
  • Out of pocket option – 45min consultation – $45.40 out of pocket expense


  • Nil out of pocket expense


  • Nil out of pocket expense

Third Party Insurance

  • Nil out of pocket expense