PRP Physio prides itself on offering high quality services, as such we believe in a standard appointment time of 45 minutes for private and Third Party Insurance clients. This allows us extra time to:

– Discuss your concerns and symptoms

– Answer any and all questions

– Discuss any scans or imaging you have had

– Perform a thorough hands on and functional assessment

– Assess and accurately prescribe a home exercise program

– Perform any taping techniques

Within the North Lakes region, most clinics will offer a 30 minute consultation, personally we do not believe that this is an adequate period of time to achieve the results that both you seek and we want to achieve for you. We do not charge extra for incidentals such as dry needling or taping, or for theraband as we believe this is part of your treatment and is part of the pricing structure.


Our Pricing Structure


Private Physiotherapy Clients

45 minute consultation – $100


GP Referral via Medicare

Bulk billed option – 25min consultation nil out of pocket expense

Out of pocket option – 45min consultation – $45.40 out of pocket expense



Nil out of pocket expense



Nil out of pocket expense


Third Party Insurance

Nil out of pocket expense

Private Health Insurance

The rebate a private health insurance will pay per session will depend on your insurer and level of cover. As a mobile clinic, we will issue you with an invoice that you are then able to electronically submit to your private health insurer who will provide the rebate directly to you.

Medicare Plans/GP Referrals

Anyone with a chronic or complex medical condition might be eligible for a chronic disease management plan (CDM – previously known as Enhanced Primary Care or EPC) through their GP. The GP can address the plan to me with the following details:

Practitioner name: Nathan Ashby

Clinic Name: PRP Physio

Phone: 0448 135 747

A maximum of 5 allied health services per year can be supported by Medicare.

We will process the portion of the Medicare payment online, if you elect for an extended consult we will issue an invoice detailing how much has been covered by Medicare as well as an outstanding amount.

Our services are eligible for bulk-billing (no out of pocket expense).

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

If you have a White or Gold Card issued by Department of Veteran Affairs – you may be eligible for physiotherapy services with a GP referral. With this we can treat any of the conditions your GP refers you for, provided it is approved by DVA. If you have a Gold Card/TPI Gold Card for multiple conditions, we can provide physiotherapy to manage your concerns.


Work related injuries with WorkCover claims open are eligible for fully funded physiotherapy for return to work with an appropriate GP referral.

Services provided to injured workers are subject to the following conditions:

Physiotherapy – x5 appointments are approved upon initial claim

Postoperative treatment – when a worker is referred for treatment after a surgical procedure, a new set of 5 treatments will take effect.

Payment of treatment – all fees payable are billed directly to the insurer with no out-of-pocket expense to the worker.

Treatment period – treatment will be deemed to have ended if there is no treatment for a period of 2 calendar months. After this a Provider Management Plan needs to be submitted for further treatment to be provided (the worker must also obtain another referral).

End of treatment – all continued treatment ends where there is either no further medical certification, the presenting condition has been resolved, the insurer finalises/ceases the claim, the worker is not complying with treatment or the worker has achieved maximum function.

Third Party Insurance

Injuries relating to a Third party Insurance (TPI) claim can be managed by physiotherapists, often these claims are associated with motor vehicle accidents. To begin the management process for a TPI claim we require a GP referral. Following this, the insurance company will contact us and we will provide a Patient Management Plan (PMP) where will provide information that you have provided to us as well as our assessment findings. We will then request sessions from the insurer, once we near the end of the allocated sessions, we will then submit another PMP if required.