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With our roots firmly planted in North Brisbane, PRP Physio is proud to serve the wider community for all their physiotherapy needs. Offering a mobile service that comes straight to your door, we specialise in sports injuries, joint-pain relief and everyday physio treatments. From Eatons Hill to Burpengary, our expert physiotherapist, Nathan, moves freely across Brisbane’s northside to deliver the care you need, at a time that suits you.


If you’re experiencing neck pain or have suffered from an ACL injury playing sport, turn to PRP Physio for all your rehabilitation needs. With a special interest in sports rehab, when you come to us for treatment, we can include anything from manual therapy to dry needling in your treatment plan. For us, it’s all about an open conversation, education and building better habits about muscle health and care. To learn more about who we are, read on below. Otherwise get in contact today and start your recovery! 

Me with The Lakes FC City 4 womens players celebrating after their undefeated season.
Me meeting the North Lakes Leopards Rugby Union Club Women's team.

Physio For North Brisbane Residents


Working in the community and displaying the value that high-quality physiotherapy can provide to the North Brisbane region is a passion of ours. We have always strived to provide high-quality care, it is simply a matter of bringing that to the community.


Through my career as a physiotherapist, I developed a special interest in sports performance and injury prevention, having worked with numerous sports teams and associations ranging from The Lakes FC, Caboolture Sports Football Club, North Lakes Leopards Rugby Union Club, Strathpine Little Athletics, hockey teams, swimming clubs, private track and field coaches among many others. Working with people has always been a passion of mine, allowing them to be able to perform anything and everything they desire through my career is simply a bonus.

The Values Behind Our Physiotherapy Treatment

PRP Physio as a business is built upon 7 enduring core values and beliefs. We hold ourselves to these values and use them to guide how we conduct ourselves as individuals and as an entity.

Great Relationships

Every interaction we have is with a unique individual, we will treat each interaction with the utmost respect and care. We believe that without great relationships, we cannot build a great business to serve the community.


Great Service 

The crux of our business depends upon great service, without great service we cannot successfully impact the community on the scale we desire. We will always stay abreast of the latest techniques and research to ensure you are receiving optimised care.

Friends First

We will treat all our interactions with the utmost professionalism, but we will always aim to develop a relationship with you as a person, you are not defined by your injury. We will develop a relationship with you as a person at the same time as providing you superior service.

Receptive to Innovation

We will remain receptive to new concepts and ways of doing things regardless of where or who the idea comes from. We recognise that the community will often provide the greatest source of innovation and progress.



Service to the Community

Our work is often provided on a 1-to-1 basis, but our underlying goal is to provide a positive contribution to society at large by promoting healthy and active lifestyles.


Questions are Recommended 

Whether it be a question of our services or how we handle our business at large, questions are always recommended. We believe in radical transparency with our business and service, and we highly value well-informed interactions.


Profit comes Second 

All great businesses require profits to succeed, however, we believe profits are not the main goal of our company. Servicing the community to the greatest extent possible comes first, which will flow into a profitable company.

Experienced Physiotherapists You Can Trust

PRP Physio is your go-to if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced mobile physiotherapist service across North Brisbane. We offer comprehensive services that go beyond just treating your physical ailments. As friendly practitioners, we’re interested in holistic solutions to help improve your overall health and wellbeing. Read on to discover why you should choose PRP Physio as your mobile physiotherapist.

Our Focus on Education

PRP Physio doesn’t just offer treatment services; we place focus on education to help our clients improve their own health and well-being. By passing on our expertise to you, we can provide insights into topics such as how to treat common sports injuries, ergonomic advice, and how to develop strength and flexibility through exercise. This allows clients to learn more about the body, and carry on the good work we do together into their everyday lives.

Flexible Services That Come To You

One of the great things about PRP Physio is that we are very flexible with scheduling, coming directly to you. If you need treatment in the comfort of your own home, our in-house physio, Nathan, makes it possible without any fuss or hassle. We understand how difficult it can be to fit appointments into an already busy schedule – especially when it comes to physiotherapy – so, at PRP, we make sure our services are as convenient as possible by arriving straight to your door. 

Comprehensive Range Of Treatments

PRP Physio provides a wide range of treatments including injury management, pain relief management, dry needling, ACL rehab and hamstring strain regimes. Each treatment plan is tailored specifically for each client based on their individual needs and goals. Our specialist works closely with clients in order to ensure the best possible outcome for them in the shortest amount of time. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or looking for long-term pain relief solutions, PRP Physio has got you covered!

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PRP Physio is North Brisbane’s premier mobile physiotherapist service provider, offering comprehensive treatments tailored specifically to each client’s needs and goals. With experience in dry needling, ACL recovery and exercise rehabilitation, PRP provides a complete package designed to give you the best possible results with minimal fuss or hassle.