DVA Physiotherapy

DVA is a system put in place by the Australian Government to support previous members of the defence forces who sustained injuries during their time of service. All previous serving members who have obtained either a White Card or a Gold Card are able to access physiotherapy. The difference between the two is that a White Card is a condition/area-specific card, whereas Gold Card holders are able to have any area treated. Your GP is able to start the process of obtaining a White or Gold Card however I find that this process is much more often initiated during the discharge process from the defence force. 


Once you have a card you are able to access physiotherapy as long as you have a valid D904 referral. DVA has recently transitioned to a treatment cycle model, some clients who have more severe symptoms or functional limitations may benefit from asking their GP to complete an At Risk Client Framework paperwork to have an ongoing referral for 3, 6, or 12 months.


With regards to billing for DVA, at no point in time will you be asked to pay any out-of-pocket expenses except in the circumstance of the request for equipment that DVA will opt to not cover, however, this only occurs in very rare circumstances. All of your billing is done by myself to DVA via an online portal. All that I require from you is a valid D904 referral and we are able to commence and continue treatment.