Third Party Insurance Physiotherapy

Accessing physiotherapy via a third-party insurer most commonly occurs following a motor vehicle accident where the insurer of the party at fault covers the cost of treatment for the injured person/s. I would recommend that as soon as possible following the accident make an appointment with your GP to discuss any potential symptoms and treatment options. In most cases of whiplash, physiotherapy can provide great amounts of benefits. Once your GP has reported the claim and provided a referral to physiotherapy you are able to begin the treatment process. Most insurers will cover the cost of the initial consultation and then I will complete a provider management plan for the insurer where I will outline details such as my assessment findings, what treatment I will provide, the goals of treatment and expected outcomes, along with how many sessions I am requesting to achieve these goals. Most insurers are good at providing ongoing care to clients who have sustained an injury or pain following an accident. 


With regards to billing for third-party insurance clients, you can operate in one of two ways. You are able to pay upfront for your treatment and then claim back via the insurance company at a later date. Alternatively, and more commonly, I will bill the insurer directly for the cost of the treatment provided.


For very particular cases where specific equipment may be required such as braces or supports, we may need to apply to the insurer for coverage of these costs, and with the correct justification most of the time the insurer will comply, however in the instance that they opt not to you will be eligible for the cost of the equipment if you choose to continue to purchase it.