Medicare Physiotherapy Pricing

Clients are able to access physiotherapy via Medicare through their GP. We require you to have a completed GP Management Plan prior to your appointment to be able to access these. A GP Management Plan is designed for clients who have chronic conditions and is eligible for a range of healthcare practitioners. Each client is able to access up to 5 Medicare subsidised consultations per calendar year. 


I have opted not to offer a bulk billing option as I believe this compromises the quality of care that I am able to offer to my clients. As such I have opted to maintain my consultations as 45min long delivered via a mobile physiotherapy approach and will be charged at a rate of $100 not inclusive of your Medicare rebate. Medicare opts to cover $58.00 of this fee and as such an out-of-pocket fee of $42 is payable by clients. I will process the Medicare portion of the rebate online and this will be shown on your receipt as being covered by Medicare.


To have a referral written to PRP Physio please provide the following details to your GP for them to complete the referral paperwork.


Practitioner name: Nathan Ashby

Clinic Name: PRP Physio

Phone: 0448 135 747