Work form home

Optimising Working from Home


Changing from working in the office to working from home can be a significant change, with such a large number of people now working from home potentially without an optimal office set up. Now is the time to take notes to make your life easier and avoid the stress, tight muscles, headaches and potential back pain associated with small but common issues. Read on as we discuss our top 5 tips to optimise your office set up at home.

Feet on the Floor

Ensuring your feet can touch the floor is a key factor. If they can’t, use a footstool or the base of the chair. Along with the correct desk height, this will go a long way to ensuring an effective and comfortable posture.

Computer Monitor at Eye Height

The top of your laptop or computer monitor should sit at the level of your eyes. This will allow you to maintain a neutral neck position by not being in too much flexion or extension. The screen should be tilted slightly upwards and 45-70cm away from you (arms reach). If your computer is too low utilise books to raise it higher.

Forearms Parallel to the Floor

Your arms should always be relaxed when working at the computer. To maximise this, ensure that your forearms are parallel to the floor with a 90 degree bend at the elbow. You shouldn’t have to reach too far for any objects at your desk, ensure everything is easily reached!

Variability is Key

Whilst the dream of many desk workers is to maintain an ideal posture throughout the day, often this isn’t possible or comfortable. You must always ensure the position you are in is comfortable. The three key questions are:
1) Do I feel I am in a good posture?
2) Do I feel relaxed?
3) Do I feel my muscles are working hard in this position?

Ask yourself these questions every 30-45 min and adjust if needed. Make an effort to stretch and move at least every 30min.

Make the Best of It

Not everyone is in the position of having a home office setup, if you don’t have one, utilising these tips at the kitchen bench or even on the couch can help. Always ensure you vary your posture, have consistent breaks and move through the day!

Adopting the 5 tips and utilising our three questions to adapt your posture throughout the day be a tremendous benefit to reducing and potential pains or aches during the changing times. Feel free to print a copy of our flyer with these recommendations to place a your desk, if you would like an electronic copy get in contact with us via email at PRP Physio is experienced in office ergonomics and the setup of home offices and is able to provide recommendations to your employer, if you require any assistance from our team, contact us at 0448 135 747 or via email at