Back Pain

5 Keys to the Management of Back Pain


Low back pain is unfortunately one of the most common complaints of musculoskeletal pain in Australia. Coupled with this, there is a trend towards an increase in the number of low back pain complaints which become chronic or ongoing. Contemporary back pain evidence suggests that this should not be the case and your episode of back pain should settle within 6-8 weeks. Read on as we discuss 5 of the most common questions clients ask us during a consult.

Thorough Assessment is Necessary

The journey to overcoming an episode of low back pain begins with obtaining a thorough assessment and the following diagnosis. Physiotherapists are trained to perform muscular, joint and nerve assessments. A prognosis of expected recovery time and a targeted treatment plan can then be given to you.

Keep Active as Much as Possible

Previous advice for low back pain was often to rest and reduce activity. Recent research has identified that maintaining activity and keeping your back moving within comfortable limits will fast track your recovery. There will be some activities or exercises that may aggravate your back, your therapist will advise you on what you should potentially avoid.

Stick to your Exercise Program

Exercise should be the most utilised tool in a physiotherapists skillset. Being consistent and diligent with your prescribed program will maintain the effects of treatment that your physiotherapist has provided. Your future self will thank you for allocating the required time to complete the exercises as this will assist in preventing the recurrence of symptoms.

Should I get a scan?

Your GP and physiotherapist are both highly important in answering this question. In most episodes of low back pain it is not required or recommended, in fact it may significantly increase the cost of your care. If certain signs or symptoms are present your treating practitioner may discuss the potential of scans with you. It is highly important that you aren’t diagnosed from a scan, all findings should be correlated to your symptoms. Findings on MRI have been found to have a high correlation to increasing age.

Returning to Gym/Exercise

In most cases of back pain this is going to be a graduated process. Rushing back to the gym or your exercise routine too early can lead to flare ups of your symptoms and set you backwards. Discuss your plans with your physiotherapist and coach if you have one to ensure that everybody is on the same page and are advised of any potential exercises you should avoid or reduce load with.

The management of low back pain can be a difficult journey, PRP Physio is here to assist you and lead you out of pain and back to a full functioning life!