ACL Rehabilitation Package

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) rehabilitation is a long process to go from start to finish. We are here to help you get the best results from your ACL rehabilitation with expert physiotherapy. We are experienced in ACL rehabilitation for athletes wanting to return to sport and a desire to maximise their performance.


As physiotherapists we have managed many ACL clients, whether they undergo surgical reconstruction or non-surgical management. From football players of all codes (union, league, AFL, and soccer), to basketball and netball players we have helped just about any athlete return to sport after their ACL injury.


We pride ourselves on our ACL rehabilitation program that was developed in house that helps take anyone from day one post injury all the way through to return to sport should that be their goal. Our program includes everything from home exercises, gym program, a return to running program, and return to training progressions. 


Each stage of the program requires you pass certain criteria. Recent evidence has identified that criteria based progression has shown both better results in rehabilitation and lower re-injury rates.

Performing a Lachmann's test on a clients knee to assess for a potential ACL rupture

What do you get?

As part of our ACL Rehabilitation Package you get everything you will need to go from start to finish. Our package encompasses everything including the following:

  • All of your physiotherapy sessions,
  • Allowance for equipment such as foam rollers, trigger point balls, powerbands etc,
  • Workshops on ACL specific topics,
  • An individualised injury prevention program.


Physiotherapy following an anterior cruciate ligament injury is key to optimising your outcomes and maximising your quality of life following the injury. Both ACL reconstruction and non-surgical management pathways should be discussed and openly considered.


As a mobile clinic we can cover everything for you. We are not bound by the structure of working from a clinic.

How does this benefit you?

It means that we can meet you at the gym, or we can meet you at a local court or pitch, or we can meet you at your home. Wherever you need physiotherapy to optimise your results at that point in time is where we will meet you. We are all about obtaining results for our clients.

A client displaying the location of her knee pain symptoms following a soccer injury.

Here’s what you get!

  • 72 total physiotherapy sessions
  • $300 worth of equipment
  • Access to 12 workshops


You get the choice of 30 or 45 minute physiotherapy appointments


You get to choose what to spend your equipment allowance on


Our workshops cover everything from surgical vs non-surgical management of ACL injuries all the way to returning to training, returning to sport and injury prevention in the future.


We have truly tried to build the best package possible for anybody recovering from an ACL injury regardless of what management pathway they choose.

Discussing surgical and non-surgical care options with a client.

How much does it cost?

ACL injuries get expensive, once you factor in potential surgical costs, time off of work, doctors appointments, specialist consults, it all adds up.


We genuinely believe our package provides the best value for money physiotherapy rehabilitation for the best results.


If you select the 45 minute appointment option, the total price if you were to pay for it session by session would be $8200.

As part of a package where everything is organised for you, it is only $5950.


Alternatively, if you select the 30min appointment option, the total price if you were to pay for it session by session would be $6760.

As part of a package where everything is organised for you, it is only $5400.

Payment Plans

We get it, amongst all of the other expenses at the time of an ACL injury, the last thing you want is to pay for all of your physiotherapy upfront! We are more than happy to offer payment plans for clients on either a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Access to high quality physiotherapy rehabilitation shouldn’t be limited by your finances.

How are my sessions split up throughout the year?

ACL Rehabilitation Package

Months 0-2

    • 3 x week physio
    • Its extremely important to get you off to the best start possible. Optimising your range of motion, minimising swelling, and engaging muscles are all key components of this portion of the rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Tolerating weight bearing is a key component of this phase, utilising crutches to offload weight to maintain a normal gait pattern is the recommended choice at this stage.
    • Other key components of this stage include gait retraining, education about use of crutches and weaning off of them, and utilising blood flow restriction training.
    • Early neuromuscular control exercises can be adopted in this phase to ensure motor patterns and balance and stability is maintained from early on.

Months 2-4

    • 2 x week physio
    • Beginning a gym program is one of the key components of this stage of rehabilitation. Developing higher levels of strength above your own bodyweight is an integral portion of returning to tasks such as running, jumping, and deceleration and acceleration.
    • Likely at this stage, pain and swelling isn’t a significant concern so we can begin to progress towards single leg exercises.
    • Often components of rehabilitation such as the introduction of early stage agility and change of direction skills can be included in this phase.

Months 4-6

    • 1 x week physio
    • This phase is a consolidation section for the strengthening portion of the program. This is a phase that takes time as we want you to develop the adequate strength before progressing to the next phase of rehabilitation where we look to progress towards returning to training and sport.
    • During our physiotherapy appointments we will often be looking to work on sport specific movement patterns and increasing the complexity of the movements and the environment around you.
    • We require you to be consistent with both your gym program, home exercise program, and at home agility program to obtain the best results from this phase.

Months 6-9

    • 2 x week physio
    • As we ramp up towards getting back to training and the eventual return to sport we increase the intensity of physiotherapy. The important factors in this stage is ensuring change of direction mechanics are optimised to reduce risk of re-injury and to ensure confidence in the knee in sport specific movements and positions. A large portion of rehabilitation at this stage will be field or court based and will also factor in components of performance enhancement with training including sprint training, strength and conditioning, and aerobic fitness training.

Months 9-12

    • 1 x week physio
    • Most aspects of rehabilitation should be covered at this stage and it is simply a process of returning through training and returning to sport. We continue to support you throughout this phase to continue to supplement your training schedule, maximise your performance and fitness, ensure you have maximal confidence in your knee, and build towards developing an individualised injury prevention and performance program.