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As a mobile physiotherapy provider, I treat anything that you would have treated at a clinic! Whether you are in the workplace, home, local gym, sporting field or pool, I come to you.

  • 100% mobile service 
  • Extended 45-minute consultations
  • Before and after business hours appointment times available
  • Great value – all private sessions are $100
  • No referral required

Why PRP Physio?

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Welcome to PRP Physio

We are a north lakes physiotherapy clinic with a special interest in providing elite sports rehabilitation. We operate via a mobile physiotherapy approach performing home visits with our clients.
 We provide evidence-based physiotherapy for post-surgery rehabilitation, non-surgical rehabilitation, sports injury rehabilitation, and management of common musculoskeletal presentations such as low back and neck pain, elbow and shoulder pain, and nerve pain amongst many others.

Physiotherapy can be better. We value clients who are actively engaged in their rehabilitation, seek education and ask questions, and are determined to achieve their goals working together as a team.


ACL Rehabilitation Package

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3, 6 , and 12 Week Rehabilitation Packages

knee injury

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ACL Injuries

Mobile Physiotherapy Testimonials

A local business owner who enjoys mobile physiotherapy after his physiotherapy appointment.
“Working in small business time means everything to me.
The convenience of PRP Physio’s mobile physiotherapy service means I can still be productive at work or at home rather than waiting at a clinic.
100% I would recommend PRP Physio. Nathan is down to earth and clearly communicates the aims of his treatments each session.”
– Nick Harmer
Clients sitting in their living room following a physiotherapy appointment for their daughter.
“We want to thank Nathan for his professionalism with his mobile physiotherapy services combined with your fun and friendly personality!
Karissa has definitely benefited from your physio in a relaxed home environment.
We find the mobile physiotherapy service incredibly convenient, as it both saves us time and we could continue our schedules while you work with Karissa. We would 100% recommend PRP Physio.
– Willimien Van der Wath
Clients sitting on their couch for a photo following a physiotherapy appointment.
“Being able to have home visits for physio has saved us so much time and energy.
Instead of multiple trips to a clinic, Nathan is always happy to work around a time when we are all at home. With the added benefit of being in the comfort of our own home!
Thank you for making it so easy to fit regular physio sessions into our lives. We will definitely recommend you to anyone!
– Sarah-Jayne Longmuir

Physiotherapy Services we Offer

Dry needling
Massage and Soft Tissue Release
Sports Strapping
Blood Flow Restriction Training
Brace Fitting
Sports Injuries
Trigger Point Release
Field based rehabilitation
Gym program prescription
Pre surgery rehabilitation
Non surgical management
WorkCover and Third Party Insurance Case Management

What Conditions do we Treat?

Low back pain
Neck pain
ACL ruptures
Ankle sprains
Hip and groin pain
Tendon pain/Tendinopathies
Nerve pain such as sciatica
Sporting injuries
Muscle strains such as hamstring or calf strains
Elbow pain such as tennis elbow
Rib pain

Mobile Physio FAQ's

How does mobile physio work?

Mobile Physio is as easy and as simple as it sounds- we come to you! Whether it be at your workplace, home, nursing home, local gym, sporting field or pool, we will meet you there. We are equipped with all of the necessary equipment to perform our services, all you need to provide is yourself in some comfortable clothes so you are able to perform physical activity.

What does a physio session involve?

Our physiotherapist will come to you and start with listening to your story and your main concerns, we may ask you further questions about your concerns and general health, as well as if you have seen any other practitioners or had any investigations such as x-rays, MRI’s, ultrasounds, or blood tests. We want to ensure that we have covered all our bases and that you have relayed all of your concerns to us.

You will then be guided through a physical examination to determine where the symptoms are originating from as well as any other areas that may need to be strengthened. We cover a wide range in this process to assess how the body moves, what areas may be weak or tight, any areas of neural tension, and any areas of stiffness through the joints.

Hands-on treatment is always provided in the first consult to reduce pain and improve movement and function. We want to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of what is causing your symptoms and how we plan to manage them to ensure you return to full function.

We will always advise you of what our proposed treatment plan is to ensure we are working together towards a common goal. Electronic copies of treatment plans can be provided as requested.

What do I need to bring for my first appointment?

Any information or reports that have been provided by your GP or any other health professional you have seen will be extremely helpful to us. Any reports provided for any imaging you have had, however, we are also able to access these reports online if you do not have them on hand.

How much does it cost?

All our private sessions are $100 and are 45 minutes in length. If you have private health, the amount you get as a rebate will depend on both your insurer and your level of coverage. Workcover, DVA, and Third party Insurance claims have no direct out-of-pocket expenses.

How do I pay for my treatment?

We will issue an invoice to you which will have all the required information for you to make payment.

How do I claim through my private health fund?

Once we have provided a receipt for your treatment, you will be able to send this directly to your health insurance provider and they will provide the rebate directly to your chosen bank account. Some health funds do this via a website, and some via an app on your phone. If there are any concerns please ask us for assistance and we will do our best to help you, or alternatively, contact your health insurance provider.

How long are consultations?

All our private consultations are 45 minutes in length. DVA and Workcover appointments are 30 minutes long.

What can you treat as a mobile physio?

We can treat anything you could have treated at a clinic! There are no limits to what we can treat, however, if we believe we may not be the best clinician for you we will let you know. We recognise that we cannot be experts in everything. At the end of the day, we want you to achieve the best results whether that be with us, or by us referring you to another trusted healthcare professional.

A little about me

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As a physiotherapist working in North Lakes since 2016, I have grown to love the region and it is now where I reside. I began working as a physiotherapist because of my love for sports and injuries which I needed to see a sports physio for.

Throughout university, my passion grew further and further to help people alleviate their symptoms and return to their full performance.

Through my physio career, I have treated clients ranging from Paralympians, Commonwealth athletes, youth Commonwealth athletes, semi-professional football (soccer) players, young up-and-coming athletes, weekend warriors, and almost anyone else.

I have developed a strong passion for sports physiotherapy which lead me to open PRP Physio.

I feel PRP Physio encapsulates everything physiotherapists are able to do and can and should offer our clients.

My mission is to provide North Lakes with a start-to-finish physiotherapy service leaving no stone unturned to ensure you have the most complete rehabilitation possible.

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We are the North Lakes experts in the physiotherapy management of sporting injuries ranging from ACL injuries all the way to ankle sprains and shoulder injuries.

We provide a wide range of services ranging from dry needling, to specialised exercise treatments like Blood Flow Restriction training and we can even do field-based rehabilitation.

To begin your journey to a pain-free life, contact us today.

Contact details:
Mobile: 0448 135 747

Opening Hours

Monday: 7am – 8pm

Tuesday: 7am – 8pm

Wednesday: 7am – 8pm

Thursday: 7am – 8pm

Friday: 7am – 8pm

Saturday: 7am – 2pm

Sunday: 7am – 1pm by appointment only

Areas Around North Lakes we Provide Physiotherapy To:

Bald Hills

Bracken Ridge


Burpengary East


Caboolture South




Deception Bay






Mango Hill



Murrumba Downs



North Lakes






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